Mrs. Fields at 400 S Baldwin Ave #352a, Arcadia, California.

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  • Feb, 03 2019
    Iar Shida
    Very rude service. Elderly asian lady there named Sandy was very rude. I go there a lot and get delicious cookie slice. It's like a pizza slice of cookie, it's very thick and has frosting on top. It has a unique and delicious flavour that I love, and so I'm kind of addicted to them! Anyways, went in for my usual cookie slice, but they were out. I figured the closest they had to my cookie slice were those mini cruncher things. I asked if there was a way I could try one? She said "I have no samples now, its ten minuets to close, why would you want to try? Its the same cookie" .... No it's not. It was really the attitude that got me, she looked like disgusted that I would want to try one.

    I just wanted to see if the texture is close before investing almost 4$ in cookie I don't know. I knew it was 10 minutes to close, I went to the mall for the cookie because it was still open. Anyways, I ordered one at 89cents, yet she went on and on like "Why you wanna try? Its same cookie" Im like dude, Im paying for it, please just give me my cookie (but I was nicer). So I paid 90cents for a quarter sized sample cookie because she didn't want to give me a sample of what she was probably going to throw out in ten minutes despite my consistent patronage. It was not the same texture, close in taste, but I dont like the crunchy edges which is why I like the cookie slice.

    Now, had she given me half of one as a sample, I would have probably still got them as a last resort during my major cookie craving moment, but she was really rude, especially questioning why I would need to try one first... well, because.. they are not the same...

    So based on this I give one star. Their other cookies besides cookie slice are no bueno. Service is no bueno, and frankly the cookie slice is probably way too sweet for normal people, the only reason I eat it often is an addiction which spawned from American Cookie Factory in Texas, and I have to take what I can get here.
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